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3 Amazing Dog Stories That Happened This Month (July 2018)

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In this month alone – July, 2018 – three dogs made the news for their individual and amazing stories.

From swimming five miles in lake water to an incredible lost-and-found story, these three dog stories will warm your heart and leave you excited simultaneously.

The dogs are named Indiana, Rosie, and Cali, and you can read their stories here.

  1. Indiana

In the middle of July, Indiana – a German Shepherd named after Indiana Jones – and her human companion, Brittany Fintel, began hiking Mount St. Helen in Washington state. Brittany, 32-years-old, is a U.S. Navy veteran, and Indiana is a seven-year-old PTSD service dog.

While walking on the volcano, Brittany decided to hike up a section of snow. As she trudged up the slope, however, she slipped on a piece of ice and began to fall.

Tumbling downward, Brittany came to the conclusion that this was the end. She was dead.

The slope Brittany descended from was 300-feet, and full of jagged rocks bearing ominous teeth. As she fell, she was undoubtedly thrashed against these rocks, the cold snowy ground, and other obstacles until multiple fractures formed in her pelvis and spine. From the jarring, she also received a serious concussion.

Finally, Brittany’s shattered body smacked against flat land. Her dog, Indiana, was soon by her side, licking her face and comforting her with a warm presence. The German Shepherd prevented her from going into shock, which Brittany later claimed was a life-saver.

After around 15 minutes of agony, six people, including a nurse and rescuer, found Brittany. They called a U.S. Coast Guard Helicopter then began to do whatever they could to help in the meantime. Unfortunately, that meantime was a full five hours.

Finally, the helicopter arrived, and Brittany was airlifted into a compartment. In what must have been a viral-worthy scene, Indiana watched her owner get airlifted with safety goggles across his face.

Indiana was brought to Brittany’s hospital room, and he has not left her side since her hospitalization. Brittany concluded that Indiana’s fidelity is nothing short of a miracle.

  1. Rosie

Around the same time Indiana performed her news breaking stunt, Rosie, a Siberian Husky, was sitting in boat five miles from shore with a doggy life-vest on. Rosie’s owner, Scott Crewell, was driving the boat for a midnight tour in the Great Sacadaga lake.

Rosie loves to chase anything – “Rabbits, squirrels, everything,” Scott would later tell a reporter. He would soon find out that Rosie also loves to chase ducks.

As Scott was about to head back to shore, he noticed that Rosie’s fur coat was soaking wet. He took off her life-vest so that she would dry quickly. Rosie, meanwhile, settled into a section of the boat. Underneath her paws, the boat’s rudder twisted and propellers whirled, creating a white foamy trial as the boat sped up in speed, heading toward dry land.

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Rosie perked up. She had heard a strange noise. Rosie identified the noise as the quacking of ducks.

In a heartbeat, Rosie leapt out of the boat and hurdled into the water. The ducks began swimming about in all directions, with Rosie hot on their trials.

On the boat, Scott heard the loud splash and realized what had happened. In the darkness, however, he had no way of seeing where Rosie was. All he could do was follow the quacking of the ducks, which steadily grew quieter until Scott could not hear a trace.

Scott searched for hours. He recruited a friend, who helped him search throughout the night and past daybreak. Scott was determined to find Rosie, even if it meant simply locating a dog’s body.

Eventually, Scott reached out to his good friend, Steve Caporizzo, a NEWS10 ABC Meteorologist and animal rights advocate. Steve posted an urgent message on his Pet Connection Facebook page, asking anyone if they had seen Scott’s dog.

Somewhere in the lake, however, Rosie had managed to begin doggy-paddling toward shore. She had no life-jacket and a lot of fur that must have weighed her down. But she pulled herself closer and closer toward dry land, until eventually she stepped onto a sandy coast.

When the wet and exhausted Rosie stumbled onto the shore, a fisherman who had noticed Steve Caporizzo’s post on facebook recognized the Siberian Husky. He and others eventually got in touch with Scott and reunited him with his dog.

Rosie and Scott now share a closer bond than ever before.

3. Cali – the last of the dog stories 

Cali, a possible Golden Doodle dog owned by Eric Weddell, a football player for the Baltimore Ravens, escaped from the Weddell household on July 10th of this year. Immediately after her escape, Eric posted this on his twitter account:

Dozens of people from the area responded, saying that they would be on the lookout. Fortunately, one man named Rick Garcia was able to locate Cali and meet up with Eric.

After receiving his dog, he posted a final twitter post:

That concludes the amazing dog stories that happened all in July, within days of each other.

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