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Cutest Before And After Photos of Rescued Cats and Dogs

Below, I have listed the cutest before and after photos of rescued cats and dogs you’ll ever see!

Perhaps you have adopted a pet from a shelter or saved a dog or cat who was a stray…

If so, these photos may bring up fond memories. 

These inspiring photos begin with this one here: 

1. Spokey from West Virginia 

Spokey ended up in a local shelter in West Virginia, and fortunately she was adopted by loving pet parents who have given her new life!

2. Read that note!

This is not exactly a before and after photo, but the note says it all! What an amazing story that owner can tell!

3. No longer behind bars

These two pups were rescued together, and they grew old and loved together!

4. What a little love can do…

Pictures are worth a thousand words, and this picture certainly has a story behind it.

5. Who says dogs can’t smile?

Love for animals can make all the difference. 

6. Always happy!

7. Semper Fidelis

8. Perfect spot to rest

9. A new leash on life

10. Stella gets a second chance!

This is my great aunt’s dog. She adopted her from a local shelter, and now Stella gets a second chance with a great pet parent. 

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