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Every Picture Has a Story | Dog Photos Through the Years

Every picture has a story.

Behind the smiling faces and scenic views, photographs unveil the emotions and ideals of their subjects and provide context to the times in which they were taken.

It’s 2019, and millions photographs are shared across numerous platforms every second. Everyone is connected. 95 million pictures are uploaded to Instagram per day.

Photographs can often reveal what people hold dear to themselves. Spouse? Children? Friends? Clothes? What do people love to take pictures of?

Dogs? Cats?

Indeed, a quick browse through vintage photos shows that people have always loved to take pictures of their pets!

While we’re drooling over cute pictures of dogs and cats, let’s rewind the clock and take a look at some photographs that had withstood the test of time. Specifically, we’ll be looking a photographs of dogs that have been around nearly as long as photography itself!

Here is an epic collection of dog/cat photos, from 1800 to our present time. Get ready to fall into a state of ‘awwww’ for the next 2 minutes!

1. “Paul and His Dog” – c. 1865

This is the oldest photo on our list. It was taken in 1865 by photographer Gaspard-Félix Tournachon, a Parisian who is sometimes referred to by his pseudonym, Nadar. The boy in the photo is Gaspard-Félix Tournachon’s son, Paul Nadar.

2. “Bengue & Kindermann” – c. 1890

This is a very unique photograph taken in 1890 by Hans Christian Adam, who worked for the studio, Bengue & Kindermann. This studio was located in Germany.

3. Untitled, unknown photographer – c. 1906

The above is a photograph snapped around 1906 somewhere in the UK.

4. Untitled, unknown photographer – c. 1910

Another UK based photograph, taken in 1910.

5. “World War I Dog” – c. 1915

Remember: every picture has a story. If only I knew this one! I can only imagine what was going on behind the scenes, or what would happen in the foreground ahead!

6. “Our Billy and Me” – c. 1924

This photograph was sent as a postcard to a family member sometime in 1924.

7. Untitled, unknown photographer – c. 1925

The text scribbled in the bottom right corner is unreadable for me. Your guess on what it says is as good as mine. The two dogs seem to be Basset Hounds.

8. “Eva Braun” – c. 1942

Yes, you read the above name right…Hitler’s girlfriend had two dogs named Negus and Stasi, both Scottish Terriers. (It is unknown which of those dogs is depicted in the above photo.) Hitler himself had a German Shepherd named Blondi. Eva Braun did not like Blondi close to her Scottish Terriers.

9. “John F. Kennedy” – c. 1949

John F. Kennedy is 32-years-old in the above photograph. The dog in the photo is not named.

10. Untitled, unknown photographer, – c. 1954

A photograph of a grandfather with two grandchildren and a dog. Circa 1954.

11. “Dog Dogs” – c. 1971

Elliott Erwitt is the photographer of the picture above. Erwitt is 90-years-old and is renowned for his photography. During his career, he enjoyed taking photos of dogs, and the above photo made the cover of his book, Dog Dogs.

12. “Ronald and Rex” – c. 1986

Ronald Reagan’s dog in office was a King Charles Spaniel named Rex. (Every president of the past 120 years has had a dog in office; Donald Trump broke the streak.)

And now for some modern photos of dogs!

13. Doug the Pug

Doug the Pug is an Instagram sensation; he’s proclaimed himself “The King of Pop Culture.” You can view his instagram account here.

14. Winston the White Corgi

Click here to view Winston’s account.

15. Loki the Wolfdog

The owners of Loki are known for taking high quality, artistic photographs of their dog in scenic environments. You can follow his account here.

16. Marutaro

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