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Pet Adoption Stories: The 5 Most Adorable Stories of 2018

pet adoption stories

Strange adoption facts:

“It takes on average $20,000 to adopt a child from china, and Americans on average spend that same amount of money on taking care of a dog during its average lifespan.”

“The high end of the average time a person is on the waiting list to adopt a child (seven years) is also the average life span of the Irish Wolfhound dog breed.”

“‘I don’t won’t a cat’ has a google search result count of 1.8 billion, which was the estimated world population in 1910.”

“Finally, Max + Maude has a list of 4 of the best pet adoption stories on the internet, and you can read them below!”

  1. Rocky

A dog later named Rocky was found with buckshot wounds and was taken to an animal shelter.

The wife of a man named Floyd, who worked as some sort of guard in a prison, saw Rocky at the animal shelter and thought he’d be a great fit for Floyd.

This wife was right! Floyd and Rocky became best friends and now go on hikes together.

animals adrift - dogs aboard the titanic

During one of these hikes, Floyd began suffering from irregular heartbeat patterns. He collapsed onto some rocks and passed out.

Rocky immediately went to Floyd’s side, licking his hand so that he would regain consciousness. When Floyd finally did, Rocky successfully led his owner back to their car.

Floyd was then able to go to the doctor, whose diagnosis prompted Floyd’s wife to later say, “Adopting Rocky was one of the best decisions [I’ve] ever made.” Floyd “owes his life to the faithful canine.”

  1. Polo

 When a cat later named Polo was brought into an animal shelter at ten weeks old, veterinarians immediately noticed a serious injury to his tail.

Following the surgery, in which the vets had to amputate most of the tail, a woman named Angela decided to adopt the cat.

At his new home, Polo delighted Angela with his playful attitude and adorable appearance.

  1. Vesper

 An unknown Good Samaritan saw a dog tied to a pole at an abandoned house and brought him to a nearby animal shelter.

Upon doing some tests, the veterinarians found information that caused them to question the future of this dog: he had a bad case of heart worm disease, a case so bad that they believed this dog wouldn’t make it.

But this dog did rally. And his rally caught the attention of two other Good Samaritans named Jesse and Bryan, who adopted him.

Jesse and Bryan named this dog Vesper.

Despite Vesper’s harsh beginning, his new owners have taught him to do impressive things, such as putting away tennis balls and giving people high fives!

  1. Magnus

A woman named Michaela was on a trip and, while traveling, spotted a restaurant called a cat cafe.

Being a huge cat lover, she could not pass on the opportunity to dine at a cat cafe, and she ran in to buy a coffee. While doing so, however, she felt a kitten nudge her leg.

An employee at the cat cafe told Michaela that the cat nudging her was a stray who had recently appeared at the cafe.

Although Michaela initially left the cat behind and continued her trip, she eventually came back to that cat cafe to adopt it. She brought the cat back home, got it checked at a local vet clinic, and now she and this cat, named Magnus – which means ‘great’ or ‘large’ in Latin – and are happy together!

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