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‘Pibble’: 11 Pictures to Prove that the Pitbull has been Rebranded

They used to be known as the devil dogs. But now they’re affectionately known as ‘pibbles’!

As a recent NY Times article put it: 

“Who needs a goldendoodle when you can have a pibble?”

The Pit Bull has been rebranded to accentuate its true and lesser-discussed characteristics: sweet, gentle, silly, and even family-oriented. These attributes stand in stark contrast to the (former) media-publicized image of the Pit Bull: aggressive, pugnacious, perhaps stereotypically prowling about in a chain collar, looking for a fight.

The 11 photographs below may be the cutest pictures of Pit Bulls you’ll find on the internet! Along with the picture list, I’ll discuss the history of the Pit Bull and why it has the slowly but surely decaying reputation of being a ‘mean’ dog. 

1. Mother and Daughter!

The origins of the Pit Bull are quite appalling :(. In no small part, they play a role in why the pitbull has the reputation it adorns. 

During the Elizabethan era, sometimes called the golden age due to its placement in the renaissance period, men organized these dogs to fight bulls in circular arenas, called ‘pits’, and bets were placed on potential winners and losers. Thus, the dogs came to be known as ‘Pit Bulls’. (In the 1830s, bull fighting would be outlawed, so Pit Bulls were organized to fight other Pit Bulls). 

Our view of Pit Bulls, then, harkens back to the Elizabethan age when dogs fought bulls in pits.

2.  Protector of the Family

When the 20th century arrived, attention rapidly shifted from England to the U.S., which was becoming a significant power. By 1930, media had become an influencing phenomenon in the United States. And counter-intuitively, the media took a positive view of the Pit Bull. 

The American media portrayed Pit Bulls as fun-loving and silly animals. For example, the 1930s comic, Little Rascals, includes a dog named ‘Pete the pup’. Pete the pup was a super cute Pit Bull with a circle drawn around his right eye, and he was known as the nice family dog. 

But the media’s image of Pit Bulls would change. 

3. All Tuckered Out

By its portrayal in various mediums, the Pit Bull’s reputation went south…

The Pit Bull, however, isn’t the only breed to have suffered from this:

Did you know that German Shepherds were considered symbols of Nazi Germany in the ‘40s?

Or that Doberman Pinschers were the ‘tough mafia guy’ breed choice in the ‘70s? 

Indeed, the Pit Bull became associated with dog attacks and gangster rap groups in the 1980s, and since then we’ve held that reputation of these dogs.

4. Striking the Puppy Pose

In the ‘80s and onward, Pit Bulls beacme subject to sensationalism. If someone was attacked by a group of dogs, it was a Pit Bull attack. 

Bands such as DMX or Outkast were photographed strutting around with chain collared Pit Bulls by their side.

It seemed that the Pit Bull’s reputation had been secured. 

5. All Tuckered Out

There’s been a resurgence in the Pit Bull. It began in 2012. ______ started the _______ organization, which has sought to change the way people view Pit Bulls.

Other organizations have surfaced since then. One is Pittie Nation, which has released various viral videos about the dog breed. One is this video about a Pit Bull being adopted (23 million views and counting). 

6. Best Bros

The Pit Bull, then, is being rebranded. Names for them such as ‘pibble’ have entered animal lovers’ dialogue. 

7. They give pretty good hugs

8. Be the person your dog thinks you are! – J.W. Stephens

9. They’re known for their loyalty

10. Their eyes can be blue when puppies

11. Last but not least…

The last photo to prove that Pit Bulls have been rebranded. 

2 thoughts on “‘Pibble’: 11 Pictures to Prove that the Pitbull has been Rebranded

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this informative article on the rebranding of pit bulls. I’m so glad to know all these loveable facts about this breed. It touched my heart!

  2. Thank you for this good information on Pit Bulls. My grown son has adopted a large Pit Bull and he is VERY LOYAL to my son, and to me and my grandchild. He really is sweet, and we don’t know, but suspect he was used as a fighting dog, lost, and put out to die. Thank God for tender hearted son and people who see good when others see bad. Also, I have since been told the breed used to be called Nannies for children.

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