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Give Your Pet a Shiny New Coat– In minutes, Max + Maude’s dematting comb will remove unnecessary fur from your dog or cat. The brush will keep your house clean of fur and reveal the beauty in your pet.

Great for Any Pet – The tool works well for small to large breeds. The brush will easily work with coarse, slick, short, or long fur.

Quick and Painless – The comb’s stainless-steel blades are shaped to avoid scratches. Yet, they are sharp enough to go through matts with ease. The blades are curved so that your pet’s fur is NOT pulled during the combing process.

High Quality and Eco-friendly Material – The comb’s blades are made out of stainless steel and allow for easy deshedding and dematting. The handle is made from TPE and PP, which are both environmentally friendly materials. The handle material keeps you and your pet from allergies.

A Necessity for Animal Lovers – Max + Maude’s dematting tool will become a necessity for you and your beloved pet. Buy now with confidence. If you are not satisfied, return the product with a full refund – 100% guaranteed.

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Fancy Fur without the Fret

Max + Maude’s dematting comb will not scrape or irritate your pet’s skin. Instead, it eliminates needless fluff to keep your pet’s fur fancy. Our comb does not pull matted fur, but simply brushes through and straightens mats.

Less Effort for Better Results

Max + Maude’s dematting tool removes matts and tangles with ease. The brush’s curved, stainless steel blades work with any size dog of any type of breed. The dematting comb will provide you and your pet with a wonderful experience. To get a professional looking coat, simply comb in the direction of your pet’s hair growth.

Beyond Beautiful

Max + Maude’s dematting rake will give your fury friend a beautiful, shiny new coat. It creates an appearance unmatched by competitor combs. But the benefits don’t end there. A tangle-free, matt-free coat is comforting to your pet and makes them more energetic.

2 reviews for Dematting Comb

  1. Laney Kay

    Great Product! I really like how it doesn’t pull the fur and how it detangles their coats!

  2. Wes Kelley

    This is a great product. Easy to use and it works very well. Also a good gift for dog owners.

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