Dog Harness

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Comfort First Design – The dog harness’s soft polyester material provides your fury friend with a comfortable experience. Padding ensures that your dog will be happy at all times. The harness is adjustable to fit any dog size.

Keep Your Dog Safe and Protected – The reflective strip on Max + Maude’s dog harness will reflect any light that shines on it. As a result, you can monitor your dog at night or in dark settings.

Say Goodbye to Choking and Pulling – The dog harness’s no choke design will allow you to control your dog without choking him/her. Pulling will be directed away from your dog’s neck and to the body to provide your pet with an enjoyable walking experience.

Put the Dog Harness on and off with Ease – Using Max + Maude’s dog harness, you do not have to wrestle your dog into the appliance. The fitting process is simple, quick, and intuitive. The harness contains adjustable features to guarantee a perfect and comfortable fit. Soon you’ll be out walking your dog in no time.

Necessity for Dog Owners – As you and your fury friend fall in love with it, Max + Maude’s dog harness will become a necessity. Buy now confidently, knowing that the dog harness is durable and luxurious. If you do not like it, return the harness with a full refund. 100% guaranteed.



The Perfect, Pampered Dog Harness for Any Size

With adjustable features, you can customize the harness to fit your dog’s size and movements. Padding in the interior of the harness shell will keep your pet comfortable no matter how you adjust it. The dog harness is securely made for animals who pull hard.

Quick and Simple Put on Take-off Process

Put Max + Maude’s dog harness on your beloved animal in seconds. The simple design allows you to place the harness on energetic dogs with ease. The handle on the dog harness allows you to take the harness off quickly. Soon, the quick fitting process will have you reaching for our harness every day.

Protect Your Pooch

The reflective strip reflects any light that shines on it. Light from the stars will bounce off the harness, allowing you to find your dog at night. Car lights in dark environments will brightly reflect off the strip, letting car drivers know your pet’s location. Using a flashlight, you will be able to see your dog easily. As a result, the reflective strip will keep your dog safe in dark conditions.

3 reviews for Dog Harness

  1. Laney K.

    I purchased the dog harness via amazon and it works great. I have a big dog and this fits perfectly. Thank you so much for the dog harness!

  2. Bill

    This dog harness was great. I bought it for my dog and he loves it. It must feel really good on him. It is easy to put on and I am never reluctant to walk him with a dog harness now.

  3. Tori

    The dog harness works well. It’s a descent well built product. I’ve had no problems.

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