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Short Heartwarming Pet Stories to End The Week

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To wrap up the week, here are two heartwarming – if not inspirational – pet stories, one about a dog and another about a cat.

1. Navy SEAL’s Dog Mourns Over Death 

Several years ago, a helicopter flying through Iraq was shot down by terrorists when carrying dozens of US Navy SEAls.

One of these SEALs was a man named Jon Tumilson. He, along with 22 others, died in this helicopter crash.

At the funeral, family members, close friends, over 50 SEALs, and…one heartbroken dog were in attendance.

With an organ playing in the background, this dog, named Hawkeye, approached the funeral casket, and with a heavy sigh, dropped to the ground.

He remained on the ground throughout the rest of the service. Photographs of the dog were taken and posted in newspapers, and one video of the dog was posted on YouTube, and it went viral.

Here’s the picture and video:

2. Blind Cat Survives Homelessness

A cat later named Mr. Magoo wandered the streets of Philadelphia. Most people who saw Mr. Magoo probably thought, “Oh, just another stray.”

But Mr. Magoo wasn’t just another stray.

He was a blind stray – his eyes as a kitten had not developed fully and as a result had been left blind.

One day, Mr. Magoo was picked up by animal control and brought into a local shelter, where a woman named Colleen Angstadt decided to take him in.

But there were barriers standing in the way of Colleen’s adoption. M. Magoo was ill, deathly so, and was in danger of being euthanized. Despite calling four animal shelters to see if they would help Mr. Magoo, Colleen found that no one was willing.

Eventually, Colleen tended to Mr. Magoo herself and was able to bring about a remarkable recovery in the cat.

Today, Mr. Magoo is just as healthy and happy as any other well-taken-care-of cat. Here’s some pictures:

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